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Non-contact Digital Infrared Thermometer


•Fever warning and memory function

If the screen turns red during the measurement, it means that the temperature is too high and your child or you have a fever.

•Digital Fever Thermometer

Our fever thermometer is suitable for the entire family of the forehead (baby, child, adult).

•Instant, accurate measurements

Our infrared thermometers use advanced infrared technology to display accurate readings in one second. With just one button, you can measure the temperature anytime, anywhere.

•Multi-function medical thermometer

You can choose the °C/°F function. There is a power indicator on the screen that allows you to change the battery in time.

How to use

1)Measure Temperature Aim at the forehead with the probe lens at a distance of 1–5 cm.
Note: Holding the thermometer too long in the hand may cause a higher ambient temperature reading of the probe. This could make the body temperature measurement lower than usual. It is recommended that the product be left in
the environment when not testing. The person taking the measurement should try to stay still during the measurement.
2)Press the Measurement Button The measurement will be completed within 1–2 second. After the test is completed, the thermometer will long beep or beep twice for reminding.
3)Long press for 5 seconds to switch measuring unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
4)View the Measurement Data

Technical Parameters

1)Sensor: Thermopile
2)Minimum division value: 0.1 ℃
3)Measurement accuracy: within the range of
33.0–34.9℃(91.4–94.82℉) and 42.1–42.9
℃(107.78–109.22℉) ± 0.3 ℃
Within the range of 35.0–42.0 ℃(95–
1076℉) ± 0.2 ℃
4)Measuring range: 33.0–42.9 ℃(91.4–
5)Power supply: two AAA batteries
6)Battery life: With a new battery, approx.
2,500 measurements or more
7)Operating conditions: 16–35 ℃(60.8–


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