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Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol meets WHO/CDC Standard 2-PACK



LARGE 16oz Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer (Quick Drying – Easy Application) 80% Alcohol – MEGA 16oz BOTTLE – 2 PACK

  • KILLS 99.99% OF COMMON GERMS & BACTERIA – Great for use at home, in the classroom and on the go!
  • BUY IN BULK AND SAVE $$$ – Only $0.94 per Ounce when others are selling for $3 – $4 per ounce!
  • EASY APPLICATION – Our Hand Sanitizer comes in a LARGE 16oz bottle with a pump top for easy application.
  • CONTAINS 80% ALCOHOL – The CDC recommends using ABHR with greater than 60% ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol). Our Hand Sanitizer contains 80% Ethyl Alcohol + Hydrogen Peroxide to assist in killing germs & bacteria.*
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – Our Hand Sanitizer is Bottled, Sourced, and Produced Here in the United States.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If You’re Not 100% Satisfied with Your Purchase of our Hand Sanitizer. Simply Contact Healing Solutions For a Full Refund, No Questions Asked!
  • This is a liquid suitable for sprays, pumps, and other dispensing bottle types with just enough Glycerin to give it a subtle gel feel, but not clog your spray bottles.
  • No fragrances or artificial fillers added and will have an alcohol smell due to the maximum strength*, 80% ethyl alcohol content (18% higher than the minimum required). Drys quickly without a sticky feeling.

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