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Are you looking to buy an entirely new set of hair extension? Does your hair need rejuvenation? Are you looking to purchase a new weave?

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We’re one of the best suppliers of an array of quality virgin pure human hair. All of our products are guaranteed to be untreated, healthy, whole, of natural color and beautiful. Our texture and quality are incomparable and superior, and therefore well known to our customers. For that reason, social media campaigns which may include buying likes from themarketingheaven.com, is something we have not taken into consideration so far.
Here at Lolita’s Signature Hair, we offer you nothing but the facts about today’s quality and most popular hair products in the market.

Our number one priority, at Lolita’s Signature Hair, is your good hair day. As one of the most reliable suppliers of virgin hair extensions, we’re always working hard to offer the best human hair extensions that’s worth every dollar that you’ll spend. We pursue exquisite workmanship, high-end quality and delivery of top-notch services and products.

We have an in-depth understanding of the fact that a woman’s hair is one of her greatest assets and all of our stylists have over decades of quality experience in the beauty industry. We offer modern and state-of-the-art trends in hair so that everyone of our clients can appear at their best. If it’s a youthful, healthy and natural hair; then we’ve got it.

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Even though we’re quite aware that hair quality is paramount, we also know that an excellent customer experience is equally vital. Our expansive knowledge and first-class customer relationship have helped us to consistently serve an increasing number of people who are in search of a perfect hair solution- and you’re not excluded. Lolita’s Signature Hair isn’t just any kind of hair; it’s perfection.


There was a particular period when it was only celebrities that could either afford or wear weaves. Then it was a hush-hush affair that the hair on their heads didn’t grow out of their scalps.
Today, it’s no longer as it used to be. Human hair weave is now a favorite hair type that is adored and worn by an increasing number of women. Instead of just adding volume, texture, color, and length to your styles, hair weaves are now a proper way to introduce variety and class to your style collection.
It doesn’t end there; wearing hair weaves comes with many benefits. If you’ve never heard of hair weaves, or you never thought of wearing one before, we’ll tell you how wearing one (in the proper way) could help.
That said, let’s take a look at these benefits:
Low Commitment
Generally, weaves are made to be worn for a short period- anywhere from a single day to a couple of months. In contrast to a haircut, which you’ll have to be patient till it grows out, human hair weaves have low commitment alternatives. If you don’t feel unique about the looks of the weave style you’re putting on, you can either remove it or ask your hair stylist to transform it into something that’ll give you a more scintillating look.
With a weave, you’re not stuck; it’s a very perfect and suitable option for women who often switch things up. Hair weaves also suit women who are fan of color changes- they can now have pink streaks one week and blue the next, without the fear of upkeep or damage.
Diverse Possibilities Of Usage
Are there times when you tried to use your natural hair for different experiments, but you were somewhat scared? Well, if that defines your experience then worry no more. Now, you can easily use virgin hair weaves to try out those kinds of styles without damaging your natural hair.
Also, do you love short hairstyles but you’re not interested in cutting your hair? You can easily use hair weaves to try this out as well. Do you wish to Ombre your hair while ensuring that the color of your hair remains the same? Want to get some highlights or you want to try out some crazy and wild colors? With virgin hair weaves, you can easily tryout all this without hassles of fear of affecting your natural hair.
Low Maintenance
If you’re one among the many women who don’t have a lot of time to spare styling their hair or you’re probably looking out for a low-maintenance option, then virgin hair weave is the perfect option to consider. Compared to synthetic hair, a hair weave offers more versatility and is ideal for time-crunched mornings- this is because once you’re on hair weaves, you can easily and quickly style your hair.
In addition to the above mentioned, hair weaves are also suitable for vacation hair. You can unwind and enjoy your journey without having to spend precious time on hair styling. This can also be beneficial especially if you’re traveling to a place that is somewhere hot; you can wear your hair weave and spend your time having fun instead of disturbing yourself about your tresses.
Easily Blends With Your Hair
When it comes to mixing properly with your natural hair, human hair weave is excellent- especially when you get the one that’s of the same color with your hair. In such cases, it becomes challenging for someone to differentiate between your natural hair and the virgin hair weave.
Whatever, you can easily color, style and wash virgin hair weave as though it was your natural hair. Also, your stylist can quickly match your color and texture. Some women even prefer to experiment with jazzy haircuts.
Protective Styling
When it comes to sew-in hair weaves, the hair is customarily braided close to the scalp, and an additional hair is added in wefts. The extra hair protects your natural hair from daily wear-and-tear. Also, it saves your natural hair from cotton pillowcases, harsh weather, and the heat that comes from hot rollers, flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers.
The sew-in hair weaves will protect your natural hair from all those procedures and external influence that can split the ends and dry it out. Sew-in hair weaves when adequately maintained will do a lot of good to your natural hair.
Human hair weaves are accessories that every woman must have. At Lolita’s Signature Hair, we’ve got 100% superior quality and tangle-free virgin human hair. Our weaves will give you a new life, just like your natural hair, you can easily style our weaves without any tangling and with minimal shedding.
Look no further, make your purchase now! And get your new look, and a celebrity attitude with your newly styled tresses, compliments of Lolita’s Signature Hair

African American hair

A pre-cleanser is a sort of molding treatment that is connected to hair before utilizing the real cleanser. It’s thick which enables it to shape a coat over hair strands. The significance of this is shielding the hair from getting excessively dry and breaking.

It additionally shapes a defensive layer from the cruel elements of the cleanser. In the wake of scouring your hair with a cleanser, it will, in any case, feel delicate and smooth.

You can make your very own pre-cleanser at home utilizing a protein-based conditioner and natural oil. Be that as it may, it is a lot less demanding to purchase an instant treatment.

Ensure you intently adhere to the guidelines on the name. Numerous ladies dont utilize a pre-cleanser yet I believe it’s something everybody ought to do.

Prescribed Pre-Shampoos.

TRESemme Expert Selection Pre-Shampoo. This accompanies an incredible 16.5 oz pre-wash conditioner and a major 25 oz cleanser.

Burt’s Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo. This pre-cleanser recharges your hair’s supplements. Both of these items are totally astonishing.

2. Utilize the correct cleanser.

By and large, African American hair is weak and harms effectively. Most shampoos available are ruthless because of their unforgiving fixings which are no use for any sort of hair, particularly African American hair. You consequently should be additional cautious about which cleanser you are utilizing.

A standard guideline is to stick to without sulfate shampoos. Sulfates are known to make your hair fuzzy and dry out. This is particularly awful for African American hair which is as of now sufficiently weak. The additional cruelty is something you ought to evade at all expense.

Also, search for shampoos with natural oils. These oils are extraordinary at shielding hair from dryness and leave your strands feeling supple and delicate. Probably the best oils to search for in shampoos incorporate jojoba oil and argan oil. Ensure they are natural oils.

Suggested Shampoos.

Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Combination Pack. This pack accompanies a cleanser, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner which fortifies, develops and reestablishes your hair. Exceptionally suggested.

Pura D’or Premium Organic Argan Oil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo. Premium cleanser for hair diminishing and breakage.

Natural Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo. Diminishes diminishing and male pattern baldness. Includes body, thickness, and volume.

Argan Oil Therapeutic Shampoo. Reestablishes harmed hair, expands sparkle, and profoundly supports.

You will see that these shampoos have natural argan oil as a noteworthy fixing. These oils support the hair and also give it more sparkle. Like with pre-shampoos, it is vital to adhere to the maker’s directions for the best outcomes.

3. Utilize a conditioner after each wash.

As much as you attempt to forestall it, washing your hair will even now wash away a portion of its normal oils. Abandoning it like that dangers breakage and partly closes. The most ideal approach to get it back fit as a fiddle is utilizing a conditioner.

It reestablishes oils and dampness to your hair and in addition sustain it. In the wake of utilizing a conditioner, your hair should feel gentler. When you are looking for a conditioner get one structured particularly for dry or African American hair.

Prescribed Conditioners.

Natural Argan Oil Daily Hair Conditioner – Sulfate free, best conditioner for harmed or dry hair.

Silk18 Conditioner Sulfate-Free Natural Conditioner – This conditioner contains 18 amino acids, two natural oils (jojoba and argan) and keratin. Assists with crampedness, dry hair, wavy hair, static decrease, and tenderly conditions to result in delicate, sparkly, and simple to-oversee hair.

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative conditioner – additional saturating conditioner that de-tangles and fixes dry, harmed, or over-handled hair.

4. Utilize a profound conditioner once consistently.

There are normal conditioners and profound conditioners. A standard conditioner is lighter and intended for use in the wake of washing your hair. It generally contacts the surface of the hair. A profound conditioner sinks profound into the hair, supporting it from the base up. African American hair

In this way, it’s heavier and adheres more to the hair and scalp. You ought to complete a profound molding treatment once consistently however not around the same time you are doing your week after week hair wash.

Prescribed Deep Conditioners.

Workmanship Naturals Argan Oil Hair Mask. Contains argan oil, green tea, aloe leaf, jojoba oil and keratin to hydrate and fix hair.

Arvazallia Argan Oil Hair Mask. Makes hair gentler, silkier, shinier, and more beneficial looking.

5. Saturate your hair.

A standout amongst other things you can do to your hair is keeping it saturated. Having satisfactory dampness energizes quick development and shields hair from breakage and part close.

Moreover, it keeps the hair looking brilliant and feeling delicate. Before you can even begin considering locally acquired saturates ensure that you are as of now saturating the characteristic way; drinking enough water. African American hair

With regards to saturating all things considered, attempt to do it consistently. This guarantees your hair is in every case sufficiently hydrated. Probably the best elements for dark hair lotions incorporate olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and unadulterated shea spread.

5 Stunning Wigs For Heart Shaped Faces

Overwhelmed at the thought of finding wigs for women that compliment a heart-shaped face? Look no further! Usually heart-shaped faces are broader at the top with a long jawline that tapers to the narrowest point at the chin. This means that women with heart-shaped faces have naturally defined features – prominent cheekbones or a strong jawline – so not much contouring necessary, lucky you! When picking out a style, look for a wig that highlights your chiseled cheekbones or brings out your eyes.

Bob Wigs

Short bob styles are always a good way to go – they show off your jawline and bring attention to your eyes. Rather than overwhelm your face with long layers, bobs bring out your best features. Many face shapes are unable to pull off pixie styles because they can make a face look more square or oblong shaped. But on a heart shaped face, these wigs are stunning! I especially love the Allure synthetic filmy erotyczne wig for it’s bob shape married with pixie length and flair. The length and tousled layers bring out the best features in a heart shaped face and look amazing on women of all ages!


A short bob is another complimentary option for this face shape! The Delicate human hair wig by Ellen Wille is great option if you like texture at the ends of the cut. The bouncy curls and angled style make the person who wears it appear more whimsical and romantic while accenting a heart shaped face perfectly. Check out Tori byRene of Paris for an adorable and classic sleek bob. This wig is sophisticated, professional and never goes out of style. It’s sleek cut is effortlessly chic, while balancing out the features of a heart shaped face. The blunt bangs draw the attention to the center of the face and the person’s eyes.


Long Wig Styles

For those of you craving a long haired wig – I would no further than the Longing for Long lace front wig by Raquel Welch. The long loose waves do a great job softening a strong jawline or chin. Plus, the style can be worn either during the day or at night for an event. Another great long haired style is one that has face-framing layers that play nicely with a heart shaped face.

Zara is a gorgeously lengthy style. The front layers nicely frame the chin without overshadowing the cheekbones prominent on this face shape. There is no need for bangs or curls with this lace front wig, since the layers alone give the person a lot of dimension.

Welcome to Lolita’s Signature Hair

My name is Lolita Moore and I have embarked upon a new and exciting journey, into the world of beauty and fashion. And what better way is there, to stay in tuned with the latest fashion trends, then to compliment your look with the most glorious hair.

I have been considering the hair business for several years, and the opportunity has arrived. I seized it and I can now share my quality hair product line with you. Lolita’s Signature Hair offers some of the best quality hair that you will find on the market. We sell 100% Virgin Hair extensions that you can wash, dye, relax and wear. The life span of our hair is greater than two (2) years because our hair is durable and long lasting.  This means that you can wash, treat and re-install multiple times, without the hair losing its’ luster.  And just for visiting Lolita’s Signature Hair online store, you will receive 10% discount off of your first order.  All l ask is that you register to become a signature hair member so that I can ensure that you receive all of the sweet discount deals and gifts that I will be offering in the near future.

I am currently working on strategic roll out of new products and programs for giving back to communities.  So stay informed and check back with us for updates and more best buys.  I sincerely hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

Thank you for visiting lolitasignaturehair.com and feel free to post a review. I look forward to earning your trust and your patronage.

Lolita Moore, Supplier


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