My name is Lolita Moore and I am extremely excited about this great opportunity that I have, to engage you and to share my exceptional signature hair collection with you. I have spent much time and dedication to secure vendors with the best quality human hair, for your satisfaction.

As Owner and CEO of Lolita’s Signature Hair. I am also an advance practiced Registered Nurse, former Miss Oakland Beauty Queen, a prized martial artist, singer, songwriter and a self published author. I possess an MBA in Business Administration and Management from Purdue Global. And I have over twenty-five years of entrepreneurial experience, to include work in trade show production, Independent Record label owner, business development, marketing and promotion, and as owner of Miracle Nurse Staffing Agency.

And now I have begun a new journey as owner and CEO of the Lolita’s Signature Hair collection. My prior endeavors have equipped me with a wealth of knowledge and experience, that has enhanced my interpersonal communication ability to build strong business relationships. I am, through research, trial and error, significantly more enlightened about what it takes to operate and maintain a business. I am no stranger to commitment and sacrifice. And because of it, I am now able to offer you some of the finest virgin, remy hair extensions in today’s global market.

While my profession as an RN has been rewarding, I have a strong passion to use my talents to work for myself, as a business owner. I have always been intermittently involved in the beauty and fashion industry. And the demand for human hair products, as part of fashion, is monumental and continues to rise. For these reasons, I seek to join both my love of fashion and my knowledge base, as a Registered Nurse, to service women, between the age of 16 to 65, in search of quality human hair for beauty enhancement and who desire to feel beautiful.

There is nothing more exhilarating for me than to invite you on a journey into the world of beauty and fashion with Lolita’s Premium Signature Hair Collection. What better way is there, to stay in tuned with the latest fashion trends, then to compliment your look with the most luxurious hair?